“The Sword In The Stone” by Ian McCracken and Robert Hyman – Image Musical Theatre – Arthur/Sir Hector

“The Reluctant Dragon” by Kenneth Grahame, adapted by Toby Hulse – The Boy/Player 5

“Melters, Picklers and Puddlers” 
by UWTSD and Cydweli 900 – Worker/Musician

“Paroikia: Sojorning in a Foreign Land”  by UWTSD and Cydweli 900 – The Minstrel

 “The Sea”  by Edward Bond – Willy Carson


 “Medea”  by Euripides – Tutor and Aegeus

“Years Apart”  and “The Book”  Screenshots – Dr Bernard Curruthers and Chris 

“Mountain Language”  by Harold Pinter – Sergeant and Guard


“Punk Rock”  by Simon Stephens – William Carlisle (Monologue)

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